Bhutan General Information


Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon is one of the most exotic destinations in the world today. This kingdom, often referred to as the last Shangri-la, is a land of outstanding people, remarkable scenery and natural wonders, and a proud and vibrant culture. A unique and rare place that few have had the privilege of visiting.

Wedged between the world's giants, India and the Tibetan region of China, Bhutan is today slowly opening up to the world through a sensitive approach to tourism.

You can now discover the cultural and natural wonders of this last remaining Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom of the Himalaya. Here is a kingdom that is just throwing off the veil of mystery, and opening its doors to visitors.

Bhutan has a pristine environment, almost no pollution, and a living culture where festivals and cultural events are a part of daily life and not creations for tourism. Let us take care of your needs on your tour of this little known kingdom.

Bhutan at Glance

Area : 46,620 sq km (18,182 sq mi)

Population: 700,000 (approax. 1 million)

Capital City: Thimpu (Population: 40,000)

Language: Dzongkha, English, Sharchopha, Nepali etc

Religion: 70% Buddhist, 25% Hindu, 5% others

Government: Monarchy

Activities in Bhutan

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