Expedition in Nepal

Nepal blessed with 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world, thousands of mountaineers visit Nepal to realize their dream of standing on the summit of Himalayas. There are 1310 identified Himalayan peaks in Nepal, out of which 326 peaks have been opened for mountaineering in Nepal. Mountaineering expedition is similar to challenging trek but such expedition involve the basic mountaineering above the snow line using an ice ax, crampons, ropes and necessary climbing gears under the care instructions and supervision of the climbing guide. It is 51 years that this Mighty peak Everest / the crown of the earth first climbed by Sir Edmund and Tenzing Norkey, it is equally mysterious and interesting. Expedition in Nepal's Himalayas is for the most ultimate satisfaction along with challenging too as the snowline begins at the altitude of 5000m. To climb the mountain, you need to be strong physically and need to notice to organize all the necessary paperwork, Sherpa manpower, and basic equipment up to the base camp. Nepal Highpoint Trekking and Expedition has experienced in organizing full-scale mountaineering expedition in the Himalayas from Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu several other 8000m and below 8000m mountains. Our climbing staff includes several multiple times Everest and other 8000m mountains submitters and well-experienced Sherpas, graduate of advance mountaineering and rescue training.


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