Nepal Jungle Safari

The heavily forested Terai region lies towards the southern belt of Nepal. The Sub-tropical jungles are teeming with a great variety of rare wildlife and vegetation.

Sitting safely on the back of an elephant, with the highly endangered Bengal Tiger in front of one's eyes is probably for everyone a thrilling experience. Comes as close as it is on television when you suddenly walk up against a huge impressive rhino or recognize crocodile shims gleaming underneath your wooden carved canoe. Surprising adventures are never to be forgotten, you can experience them in one of our wild safaris.

Chitwan national park, unique in terms of rare species and fascinating Tharu tribes. Or Bardia national park, one of the world's most untouched natural reserves; both will encounter you with a teeming variety of wildlife, birds and an incredible collection of other rare species of flora and fauna. Within this area is one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Asia.


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